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Whether you prefer a dedicated or shared-user facility, SKYLINE identifies the optimal solution and designs a configuration which best suits your supply chain.

Our warehouses have flexible capacity to receive and manage your goods, with racked and bulk storage.

SKYLINE provides a wide range of value-add warehousing services to fit all your specific requirements in terms of storage, handling, regulatory compliances, safety and security.


We have formed partnerships with EU agencies to offer our customer end to end customs clearance for CHINA - EU traffic.

Networking with EU

We have formed and always look to form partnerships with EU agencies to offer our customer end to end customs clearance.


SKYLINE helps form solid partnerships between suppliers and customers

SKYLINE launched its first VMI warehouse in Pardubice (CZ) in 2000. Vendor managed inventory is a system whereby the supplier and customer have the visibility of supplier's inventory in the hub and the supplier is responsible for inventory optimization. Whenever the inventory reaches its threshold level, the vendor re-supplies through regularly scheduled reviews of the on-site inventory.

We have 200+ VMI customers from all over world, mostly Europe, Asia and Americas.

Key features of SKYLINE IT systems:

  • Web-based solution
  • 24-hour monitoring of all flows
  • Real-time stock visibility
  • Online material allocation
  • Customized KPIs
  • Exception reporting

Multi/Single-client Environment

SKYLINE delivers the best no matter how much space you use

Our experts prepare a customized design to offer the most efficient storage solution for your business. We can allocate a separate space from the smallest carton or shelf, to a whole building. It is your decision whether you save costs using a multi-client environment or to protect your high-value goods storing it separately with online monitoring, limited access and other security features.

Our warehouse teams guarantee perfect services whatever option you choose.

SKYLINE offers many benefits:

  • Cost-efficient storage solution
  • Restocking and fulfillment with flexible capacity
  • Tailor-made solution
  • Customization & security

In-house Logistics

In-house Logistics: An important part of Lean Manufacturing

Our in-plant experts identify your weak points and improve your supply chain model. We manage procurement, warehousing, handling, distribution and logistics operations. Your factory will benefit from reliable inbound and outbound flows of raw materials, parts and finished products, with distribution including managed transport.

Our IT systems give you web-based, 24-hour visibility of all flows in real time, with customized KPIs and exception reporting.

SKYLINE helps your business to:

  • Optimise materials flow
  • Minimise inventory discrepancy
  • Reduce cost and increase productivity
  • Shift costs from fixed to variable

FG Consolidation & Distribution

SKYLINE balances your transportation costs and time

We are able to suggest an optimized solution for your company to reduce the cost of transportation. Our experts prepare a plan for finished products consolidation which leads to lower expenses. We look for solutions which balance time and transportation costs and still match your requirements.

Our warehouse operators pay close attention to optimal consignment preparation before dispatching. This leads to smooth and fast handling at the place of delivery. They also count with the most efficient routes or combinations to avoid unnecessary additional costs.

SKYLINE focuses on:

  • Pallet or box space optimization
  • Use of truck space optimization
  • Distribution route optimization


On The Spot Broker LTD provides quick response time and high quality of service. Ensuring no costly delays for our customers caused by a delayed customs clearance.



We offer full range of import clearances incl. special procedures like end use, inward processing, temporary admission and import to customs warehouse. We will help you pay customs debt and utilize PVA procedure.

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Try our express export clearance service and ensure your vehicle is never grounded in port waiting for the documents. We offer export clearances for commercial freight and private shipments including household removals.

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We can issue a T1 document for departure from every major UK road port including Dover, Harwich, Hull and Immingham. Our work is meticulous and your documents are always correct and ready in time.

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